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… Phone Number ...

aaa - nnn-nnnn

… Email Address ...


… Website Address ...


… Profile Webpage URL ...





Seeing your

Email Address And Your Phone Number

on your business card, or in your AD's, or Email,


I wanted to email you to say HI, and introduce you to a

website address product I supply.


Of which is a


"Phone Number AND Website Address"

"Made To Work Uniquely For You"




Using our domain name

and then adding your phone number as



I generated and made this information page for your review.

(This Webpage Address)





your Benefit & Advertising Advantage by

replacing your plain phone number wherever you

have in print / published now as

 aaa - nnn-nnnn



Surely would Magnify the advertising potential of your phone number

seen in any print media you use.


Places your phone number advertising way up to the next level,

the web level,

… Imagine the possibilities !


Offers Call or Surf Option

In Any Print Media Used.


We all notice that Phone Numbers, for over a hundred years,

are seen in most all advertising media such as …


Business Cards, paper classified and box ads, TV, For Sale and Rent signs,, yard signage, bill-boards, bulletin boards, pin-ups, letter heads, invoices, brochures,  emails and countless other ways.


I have joined the phone number and the internet in marriage.

Offering a web presence for any advertised phone number.


Phone number now is more than just a voice,

now can be voice, pictures, video, and full contact information.


A Phone Number Web Address

Offers Readers the Option



*To Call ... day time hours


… OR, …

*To Surf … anytime, 24/7




We Offer Three URL Subscription Levels …

1) Can be set to auto-redirect to any website or page of your choice.

(Your Facebook page, eBay store, Etsy page, YouTube video,

Realtor profile page, Your existing website,)

or a landing page

with all of your

website links and contact information.

($1 / Week)

2) Can be your main hosted website. No domain name needed.

includes web hosting, FTP access, email address...

Site built by you, or your webmaster.

($3 / Week)

3) Can be your (home and/or business) website

built by me, includes URL, web hosting, maintenance...

($5 / Week)



Phone Numbers Work Harder and Smarter

Utilizing the WEB !


Employ Your New Web Worker for just a

$1 / Week by Subscription

(1.6 cents / hour)


A Thousand Times Less Cost Than A Human Worker (grin)


Goes To Work (24/7) For You With...

** No paid vacations, NO time off, NO sick days, NO paid Holidays, NO overtime pay etc.**


I will leave this page up for several weeks for you to review and ponder how it can benefit you.

NO Obligation.


After your review and if not of benefit to you,

just let me know, and I'll remove

and this webpage.


Also note, I offer a website address for any phone number in

USA and Canada.

Each as

1-_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _


Simply fill in any area code, and phone number to visualize the URL.


Share this page URL, with family and friends and businesses anywhere in

USA and Canada

that could benefit with a Website Address.


I'd be happy to make a demo URL for them to see

and learn how it can benefit them.

Thank YOU. ?




If you would like to see this URL go to work live with an auto-redirect,

In place of this page,

just let me know the full website address you want it to redirect to automatically.


NO Obligation,

just see it in action, then ponder how it can work for you.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Email and let me know how I can help you on the Web.


I invite you to let me know that you received my email with a link to this page.


I sent it because I believe this URL subscription

can benefit you, family members, business,

and your bottom line in many ways.


Questions ?

Just Ask - I Can Help !


Best Regards,




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